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    We are a husband and wife team based on the shores of Lake Wakatipu.
    We think of ourselves as adventurous, outgoing, fun and simply love to take photos for any occasion. Whether it's traveling around NZ immersing ourselves in the amazing landscape, or capturing those beautiful candid moments at weddings - We love it all.

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Fiji Underwater Wedding Photography | Kim + Jamie

Following on from Kim and Jamie’s epic Fiji wedding,we joined them for an early morning swim in the pristine waters of North Beach at Mana Island Resort & Spa.
These two are always up for an adventure, so out we went to hang out with the fish and beautiful coral!
This type of shoot is by far one of the trickiest, but always so rewarding.
As always, safety and teamwork are the key – one of us was swimming with the underwater housing, another tugging along spare fins and snorkels for the swim back to shore, and their good mate, a keen diver, with a floating device for safety and rests.
Thank you to everyone for all of your help and energy, especially to Kim and Jamie for their amazing effort! xx





Fiji Underwater Wedding Photos








Fiji Underwater Wedding Photos2014-10-16_0002

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Janneke de Jong - So awesome! What camera gear do you use underwater?

Kim Wagner Lux - Ahhhh love then! Was so fun thanks guys. Lots of water up my noes for that last shot though te he he. The first photos are great it was so cold with those waves crashing against us! I was screaming and Katrina Williams you were giggling your head off at us :p xxx

Kim Wagner Lux - Ahhhh love then! Was so fun thanks guys. Lots of water up my noes for that last shot though te he he. The first photos are great it was so cold with those waves crashing against us! I was screaming and Katrina Williams you were giggling your head off at us :p xxx Oh and last image Warren Williams I nailed it! he he.

Liz Clough - Amazing Photos…. especially like the one of you Kim Wagner Lux, in the water by yourself, look like a mermaid….

Fiji Wedding Photography | Kim + Jamie

This winter, we were given the greatest gift as wedding photographers – the opportunity to travel, holiday, laugh, eat, drink, and capture the love that was Kim and Jamie’s Fiji wedding!
Over the course of an action packed week at Mana Island Resort, we got to know a fantastic group of people that we can now call our dearest friends.
We joined in on all the fun like the Hen and Stag trips snorkelling and sipping cocktails at the incredible Cloud9 Bar.
Spent nights under the stars on bean bags with Fiji Gold beer just chilling with the crew by the beach.
Countless communal meals where we all ate way too much then lay around in the tropical heat with impressive food baby bellies, wondering if the fourth helping was actually worth it…

And then there was the wedding day itself and the most perfect sunset just for Kim and Jamie.
As I edited this crazy beautiful adventure, I found myself humming along to the song that’s been in my head for weeks since the reception, where Kim’s dad played guitar leading Kim and her family and friends in a song (and dance) made especially for the occasion to Jamie. This kind of fun, spontaneous and thoughtful act is something that these lovely people are all about.
Epic is the only word that does their wedding justice. Just epic.

They planned their wedding day so that there was a enough time to just relax, unwind and hang out with everyone after  – so to mark the occasion we all hopped along on a boat trip called Making Memories.
Think; BBQ, snorkelling, boat jumping, human starfishes, village visits and more hilarity.
I’m going to stop talking now, I could go on forever – just go check out the photos : ) xx











2014-10-15_00342014-10-15_00352014-10-15_0036Fiji Wedding Photos2014-10-15_00382014-10-15_00392014-10-15_00412014-10-15_00422014-10-15_00432014-10-15_00442014-10-15_00452014-10-15_00462014-10-15_00472014-10-15_00482014-10-15_00502014-10-15_00512014-10-15_00522014-10-15_00532014-10-15_00542014-10-15_00552014-10-15_00562014-10-15_00572014-10-15_00582014-10-15_0059Fiji Wedding Photography2014-10-15_00612014-10-15_00622014-10-15_00632014-10-15_0064Fiji Wedding PhotographyFiji Wedding Photography2014-10-15_00672014-10-15_00682014-10-15_00702014-10-15_00722014-10-15_00732014-10-15_00742014-10-15_00752014-10-15_00762014-10-15_00772014-10-15_00782014-10-15_00792014-10-15_00802014-10-15_00812014-10-15_00822014-10-15_00832014-10-15_00842014-10-15_00852014-10-15_00862014-10-15_00872014-10-15_00882014-10-15_00892014-10-15_00902014-10-15_01082014-10-15_01092014-10-15_01102014-10-15_0111Fiji Underwater Photos2014-10-15_01132014-10-15_0114Making Memories Fiji2014-10-15_01162014-10-15_01172014-10-15_0118

P.S Check out Kim and Jamie’s amazing underwater Drown the Gown Shoot here!

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Wanaka Wedding Photography – Michelle + Mark

Ah! We are SO excited to share the spectacular day of Michelle and Mark who travelled from Australia to be wed amongst the scenic bliss of Wanaka’s The Rippon Hall, check it out!
Thanks so much to Road to Beauty for your amazing skills on hair & makeup!
Celebrant – Kathryn Omond, beautiful ceremony as always!
Epic Helicopter flight with Wanaka Helicopters.
Delish food by Artisan Catering, yum!

2014-10-06_00012014-10-06_00022014-10-06_00032014-10-06_00042014-10-06_00052014-10-06_00062014-10-06_00072014-10-06_00082014-10-06_00092014-10-06_00102014-10-06_00112014-10-06_00122014-10-06_0013The Rippon Hall Wedding Venue2014-10-06_00152014-10-06_0016The Rippon Hall Wanaka2014-10-06_00182014-10-06_00192014-10-06_00202014-10-06_00212014-10-06_00222014-10-06_00232014-10-06_00242014-10-06_00252014-10-06_00262014-10-06_00272014-10-06_0028The Rippon Hall Wanaka2014-10-06_00302014-10-06_00322014-10-06_00332014-10-06_0034Wanaka Helicopters2014-10-06_00362014-10-06_0037Wanaka Wedding Photographers2014-10-06_00392014-10-06_00402014-10-06_0041Wanaka Wedding Photographers2014-10-06_00432014-10-06_0044


2014-10-06_00452014-10-06_00462014-10-06_00472014-10-06_00482014-10-06_00492014-10-06_00502014-10-06_00512014-10-06_00522014-10-06_00532014-10-06_00542014-10-06_00552014-10-06_00562014-10-07_00012014-10-06_00572014-10-06_00582014-10-06_00592014-10-06_00602014-10-06_0061The Rippon Hall WanakaIf you want to stay up to date with more of our work, like our Facebook Page! xx

Bev Johnstone - The photos are stunning.

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