Ascension Wines – Matakana

We descended upon the great Ascension Wines, in Matakana – in celebration of another birthday for one of our best friends, Angus. For regular followers of this blog, and the old one, – will recognise Angus from the amazing trip Warren had away in India for a month over Christmas and New Years just gone. Ascension Wines provided great meals all around, fabulous service, and an amazing picturesque surrounding.

Warren & Katrina loved the feel here and decided to speak to the residing manager about weddings there. Basically they have a perfect, trendy setup, with seating for up to 200 people, a beautiful courtyard, and many rows of vineyards ideal for funky photos. Also not too far away from the white sand beach of Omaha – a perfect spot for bridal photos. 😉 FYI, they’re run by the Soljans, (another great venue in Kumeu, West Auckland).

Anyway, here’s a few moments caught from our afternoon in the sun, in hot Matakana.

Matakana Wedding

Angus Birthday Cake

Little blockmount we gave Angus, from a candid moment in India, with his gorgeous nephew, Matthew


Matakana Petanque - Ascension Wines


Matakana Wedding Venue

Angus showing his class

Wedding Car Matakana Ascension Wine

Wedding Car at Ascension Wine

Wedding Car Photography

The other wedding car

Auckland Wedding Venue Matakana

Showcasing the main courtyard, with Kat, Candace and Lisa

Larger than Life Pets

We took the cameras out one afternoon for a walk across the farm, and visited the family in the larger variety.



Face off



Sunset Horse

Duke lit against the evening sun

Not your typical flat farm land... in the beautiful evening light

Bailey, reflecting the sunset in eye

What NZ farm wouldn't have a sheep or two?

Sheep poking tongue


Praying Mantis

..We come in peace

Praying Mantis

Check out the eyes!

Warren's mum Daphne came to visit from Melbourne during Easter weekend

Katrina and Ziggy

F a c e b o o k
l a n d s c a p e s
S u b s c r i b e