Snorkelling at tropical Matai Bay

Warren decided to get up again at the crack of dawn to witness a beautiful sunrise from the secret spot of Matai Bay. Not without an unexpected dip in the morning at 6am! Whilst shooting the dramatic sky and moving the tripod and camera around for various compositions, one of his filters – the ND 1.2 (4 stop) filter, decided to slip out, bounce down the rock face, and splash into water, 1.5 metres deep. There was no way to retrieve it, without getting right in the water. Being fully dressed, and with no swim shorts and towel nearby, he had to do a quick skinny dip. Being as dedicated as he is to photography, and the experience of using the 10 second timer, he decided to use a timed shot, to capture the funny moment he had to dive into the water to retrieve… Later in the day both Warren & Katrina decided it was best to hire some proper snorkel gear, and go observe the numerous fish in the underwater world.

Matai Bay

Matai Bay

Spot the ND Filter?

Skinny Dipping New Zealand


Snorkelling New Zealand

..In the same spot as the shark sighting the previous day

Warren snorkelling in the shallows

The following morning we took a walk along the beach and ended up doing a little tree climbing… Onwards to Kaikohe!

Farewell Beautiful Matai Bay

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Dave - Amazing work here 🙂 Yes I am jealous…. haha Keep up the excellent work.

Warren Williams - Thanks Dave! Truly a remarkable place. Can’t wait to head back there next summer.

Clear Water of Matai Bay and Karikari

The twin bays of Matai Bay, and the neighbouring Karikari beach is our favourite spot in Northland. Completely amazing, with warm clear waters, and soft sensual sand on Karikari. Out of this world.

Matai Bay, New Zealand

Secret spot of Matai Bay, only accessible with a short hidden bush walk

Matai Bay shark

Katrina cooking on the warm rocks... as we were sitting here, we saw a shark dorsal fin glide through the water nearby. Yep again, no swimming for a while!

Model in Long Grass

Katrina at Karikari, on our walk to the white sand beach

Softest sand New Zealand

Soft white sand of Karikari Beach

Karikari Beach Sunset

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