Spirits Bay

Located at the very northern tip of New Zealand, Spirits Bay stretches for 12 km along to Cape Reinga and Tapotupotu Bay. According to Maori legend, the spirits of the dead leave for their journey to the afterlife. Whilst there, we enjoyed watching a couple of fishermen attempt to get their little dinghy back into shore, amongst some fairly large waves!

Spirits Bay New Zealand

Spirits Bay Panoramic - Click for Larger view

Spirits Bay Fishing

Flying Dinghy

Flying Dinghy!

Flying Dinghy

And the whole sequence put together

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Matauri Bay – Rainbow Warrior Diving

Following our beautiful evening sunset the previous night at Tauranga Bay, we awoke from our tent perched against the edge of the beach. The sky was illuminated with a brilliant purple/blue gradient, as the moon gradually faded, and the rich warm sun slowly rose across the beautiful beach of Matauri Bay.

Matauri Moon Rise

Motukawaiti Island Sunrise

Beautiful Sunrise over Motukawaiti Island, from Matauri Bay

Warren & Katrina

Warren and Katrina

Following the amazing sunrise, we ventured up the hill overlooking the amazing Northland coast. Atop the hill is the Rainbow Warrior memorial (Greenpeace boat, sunk by the French during the 80’s), with a clear view across the Cavalli Islands, where the Rainbow Warrior now rests at the bottom of the clear waters.

Rainbow Warrior Memorial Matauri Bay

Pointing in the direction of the Rainbow Warrior

Rainbow Warrior Memorial 

Matauri Bay, New Zealand

Beautiful view across Matauri Bay

Amazing Clear Water New Zealand

Simply Amazing. Clear water of Matauri Bay

New Zealand Kayaking

Kayaking around Matauri Bay

Matauri Bay Kayaking

For the full gallery of our Northland camping trip, click here: http://williamsphotography.co.nz/gallery/northland

Lee - Absolutely stunningly beautiful

Warren Williams - Cheers Lee,
We can’t wait to head up there again with our underwater housing for a new perspective!

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