Welcome to Warren & Katrina’s Blog

Welcome to our new blog. Please check back soon for many updates, including upcoming wedding shoots, models and landscapes from around New Zealand.

In the meantime, jump across to the previous blog, with four years of photos from around the world, including weddings, landscapes, and much more!



Warren Williams - Success!

Kevin - Well done mate, it looks really good! Things are easy to find and well integrated. Looking forward to seeing what ends up in your shopping section.

The main page did take a while to load, but there are a lot of images. I also suspect you’re hosting it down there as well, so I’m sure it loads much faster locally which is your market anyway.

Let me know when you’re back, we’ll get out and do some light painting 🙂

Warren Williams - Thanks Kevin, good to hear from you! 🙂

I’ve changed it now so only 5 posts show on the first page. The problem is each image is now 300kb instead of 40kb, so loading time is considerably longer. It looks good though loading them one by one, and clicking through the next/previous blog posts.

Look forward to seeing you in December.

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