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Hello there! I’m Warren, founder of and the photographer part of Williams Photography. I’ve been capturing weddings since 2005 and have travelled all across the world in doing so. Steph is our studio manager – you’ll meet her when you’re chatting over email, Skype or at a café over hot chocolates.

We were both born and bred in Auckland and are now splitting time between Auckland and Queenstown to experience both the beach and the mountains. I have two young boys who love living on a family farm in Bethells Beach, while Steph and I have a border collie puppy in Queenstown. She still has her training wheels on, when it comes to digging holes and learning not to eat everything in sight. Willow we mean, not Steph… ?

We live and breathe photography and always have a camera in tow. This comes hand-in-hand with loving the outdoors and the stunning landscapes that New Zealand has to offer. Every night our eyes will be on the horizon to watch the clouds roll in and rays of sun flare across the sky. But the best way of appreciating this world will always be to enjoy it in person: Soak everything in with your own eyes and be mindful of how lucky we are.

We love being a part of weddings because they are the happiest days of someone’s life. To be included in that unrestricted joy and love, and then to capture it for the couple, friends and family to share and treasure for years to come is so special. In particular, we love being a fly on the wall and seeing all the real moments in between the traditional rites of passage. Nephews stealing a piece of cake before anyone else, the groom ducking away to catch his breath when no one is looking, the tender hand squeeze when the paperwork is signed and the newly-weds have a moment to themselves before resuming centre stage. We’re there for the big and the small moments.

If crowds aren’t your thing, you should think about eloping. We also run a successful (and super fun!) heli wedding business in Queenstown, called Mountain Weddings. This is where we whisk you up to a stunning alpine location with just a few people – you two, your celebrant, the pilot and us. So the wedding day is only about your commitment and love for each other…plus an unforgettable experience and epic photos. It’s a pretty good deal, really!

We also believe that life is short and your small victories and special occasions should all be celebrated. Why not make a fuss? Bringing family together with good food and positive, happy energy is always a good thing. That’s why we also love to capture engagements, family shoots, birthday parties, anniversaries and other milestones.

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For some very flattering words from our lovely clients, take a gander over to our testimonials page. It is our privilege to photograph such kind and generous people, and to have our images gracing homes around the world.