Our Snowy Engagement

Great peaks rose like the icicles
That were forming on my face
Trudging with my head down
Against the chilled wind’s embrace
Mountain Engagement in Scotland
Feet slipping easily
In the soft bottomless snow
In the haste to reach the top
For sunrise’s merciful glow
Old Man of Storr Snowy Sunrise
On top of our snowy sunrise
I turn to see my love down on one knee
With frozen tears I said yes
And he placed the ring upon me
Engaged on Old Man of Storr, Scotland
With excitement and emotions
We lost interest in landscape capture
And focused on ourselves
In our elated rapture
Engaged in Scotland
Smiling through the pain
Of our limbs frostbitten numb
Excited for our sun-risen future
That has joyfully begun

Engagement on Skye

As if in blessing from the Scotland skies
The snowflakes began to rain
Resting precariously in our hair
As we set down the mountain again

Sunrise over Old Man of Storr during winter


Thank you Armin, Eleanor and Nayden!
Lovely words. We’ve been extremely busy with wedding shoots and relocating to a new studio premise.. Will keep you updated soon via the blog. 🙂
Eleanor; yeah a hard ask on the wedding photography – was trying to convince Katrina we could do it with a tripod and remote release.. of course I was joking.
We’re fortunate to have so many talented photography friends in our industry. PS. your photos with James are great 🙂

Congratulations – you guys make an awesome couple!

Pictures are amazing! I still love to stop by and marvel at your images.

Congratulations! Seeing photos of Scotland makes me a little guilty about complaining that it’s too hot here at the moment! So the big question is as photographers, do you attempt to photograph your own wedding?!

Hey! Congrats guys! I love this site .. Keep uploading please! =)

Aw thanks so much to all of you sweet people!

Thanks everyone for your comments and likes through facebook. 🙂

We really appreciate it, and glad we have such great friends.

We’ll be sharing some more photos from UK over the weekend. Keep posted below 🙂

Congratulations to you both, and wonderful to see the photos and read the words above. Good luck and best wishes for a happy future. Wendy

Great pictures and poem and a big congratulations to you both. Certainly did it in style and good too see you had your camera for the occasion 😉

Congrats guys! Great set of photos and a lovely memory.

aw so lovely! so so happy for you guys! much love xx

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