We made our way to the beautiful Cook Islands for a wedding on 11/11/11 at the Pacific Resort. We decided to extend our stay to ten days, and make a little photo holiday out of it. We had approached the Cook Islands tourism with a proposal for providing an insight rarely seen before, including adventure/underwater photography/videography/and casual island life – however a decision couldn’t be made in time. We set about our own plans with the suggestions of fellow photographer, Isaac of Perspectives Photography – who spends several months a year with his wife Amber, amongst the Cook Islands. He gave us some great suggestions of cafes/restaurants/and the best snorkelling spots. We booked our first night in at Rarotonga Backpackers, not too far from the airport, as our flight arrived around midnight. Before venturing to Varas on Muri Beach, on the south-east coast. Here’s a few highlights from our first couple of days at Rarotonga:

coconut on beach Rarotonga
A lone coconut nestled on the clear shores of Rarotonga
Game Fishing Club Rarotonga Beach
After a quick couple of beers at the Game Fishing Club, we strolled the beach at sunset
Sunrise Pacific Resort, Rarotonga
Sunrise over Koromiri motu, Muri Beach
Long exposure Muri Beach
30 second exposure of Koromiri motu, after sunset outside Pacific Resort
Dawn over Taakoka Island, Muri Beach
Dawn over Taakoka motu, Muri Beach
Dawn over Taakoka Island, Muri Beach
Dawn over Taakoka Island, Muri Beach
Dog on Muri Beach
We had heard about previous dog problems on Rarotonga, however there weren't many around, and they were well behaved like this one