O’Neills is tucked away from Bethells beach, accessible only by a long walk along the northern stretches of Bethells. O’Neills is a popular spot for surfers, with consistent surf breaks. We made the trip along with long time friend, Pilot and Photographer – Daniel Talbot who was enjoying a three week trip around the North Island with his partner.
New Zealand Jellyfish - O'Neills Bethells Beach
Jellyfish on O’Neills beach


The evening was spent swimming against a spectacular clear sunset, whilst dodging a few jellyfish.

New Zealand Beach silhouette
Silhouette at O'Neills as Katrina runs out of the water
Twilight over O'Neills

Loving the composition of your shots, just wonderful

Thanks Lisa, I knew you would love “Twilight”. Just wait for the next series, when I shoot “Eclipse”

Loooove the “Twilight” shot, love O’Neills

Sunset is great too

Yeah, that’s how I managed to check also. A slight deterrent, but honest people will pay 😉

Ohh, cheers. Yea, that’s the combo I use too, though I had to view source and find the image before to do it. Much easier now 🙂

Cheers Kevin! I’ve just changed the right / left click disable. It’s on by default with the theme I’m running. I use firefox and iexif plugin. Very handy. 🙂

Silhouette is simply stunning mate. Damn your right-click disable so I can’t view exifs. I managed, but you don’t make it easy 😉

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