With one of our best friends, Daniel Talbot – pilot and photographer, visiting from Palmerston North for the weekend, we ventured out to.. Piha yet again. On show was the finals to another surf competition, with a few professional surf photographers on display with the fine long lens. As it was low tide, we travelled through to The Gap, witnessing mother natures’ true force.

Piha Surf Lifesavers
The inflatables at Piha
Notorious beach, with strong surf - Swim between the flags!
Piha Surf Photographers
Lens Envy

Piha Rock Pools
Rock Pools at Piha
Panoramic Piha
Piha Panoramic
Piha Headland
Cave at Piha
Piha Boy
"The waves are not that big, Daddy"
The Gap, Piha
The Gap