Danson Park in Kent is like a second home to the Williams family. Much of Warren’s family lived in the neighbouring vicinity before most immigrated to New Zealand in the late 80’s. Some of our family still reside in the Danson Park area. Spending an afternoon walking through the park, writing some notes for Katrina’s novel, and taking a few shots was the perfect way to overcome our jetlag from just arriving into UK.

Danson Park black and white trees

Danson Park Crow
One of the many crows along the path
Frozen Danson Lake
Danson Lake Frozen Over
Katrina writing her Novel
Katrina writing her Novel

Our evening was spent amongst the warm central heating house of our grandparents, with an amazing Sunday Roast dinner. We managed to convince everyone to run outside into the freezing air to get some family photos…

Warren's Grandparents
Family Photo Danson Park
Grandparents / Aunty Diana and twin cousins, Kimberley and Kerry
Kerry, Diana and Kimberley

Here’s a few favourites from the winters of 2007 and 2008, whilst Warren was living near Danson Park and frequently walked around the park:

Danson Park Sunrise

Golden sunrise Danson Park

Snow Danson Park

Frozen spring flowers Danson Park
Snow-capped spring flowers