Tane Mahuta – Lord of the Forest

Standing an impressive 51 metres tall, Tane Mahuta is New Zealand’s largest known Kauri. The trunk girth is even more impressive at 13.77m, with its estimated age being somewhere between 1,200 to 2,500 years old. Tane Mahuta is just one of the many large Kauri’s around the Waipoua forest, north of Dargaville. We made a little road trip with Katrina, youngest sister Candace, cousin Nicole, and her new daughter, Kayleigh.

Tane Mahuta

Tane Mahuta

Candace, Nicole, Kayleigh

Kayleigh - Baby photo

Ponga Frond, New Zealand Fern

New Zealand Kauri

NZ Kauri

Baby Portrait, New Zealand Photographer