Auckland Zoo Safari Nights

Warren was fortunate enough to get a free pass along to the Auckland Zoo Safari Night with Sovereign. Offering a behind the scenes tour of the zoo, including the meat freezer, showing many disturbing dead animals ready for eating. We also managed to see the animals come out for their nocturnal activity (or sometimes lack of it). The highlight of the evening was the Hippo feeding time – When some friends were able to throw them cabbages, as their jaws hinged back almost 180 degrees! We also managed to go behind the Lion enclosure, and see them just mere inches away through their wire fence.

Auckland Zoo Giraffe


Hippo Auckland Zoo

Hippo in Water, Auckland Zoo

For a while, I was literally the only person nearby, as Oz the beautiful Sumatran tiger responded to every noise, with a big mreow
Locusts in one of the behind the scenes rooms
Auckland Zoo Bat
Bat illuminated only by a torch light with red cellophane
Off shoe torch? 😛

Hippo Feeding Time
Hippo being fed cabbage at Auckland Zoo
Hippo opening mouth - feeding time at Auckland Zoo
Open Wide!

Get involved with the zoo yourself, adopt an animal, or simply take a tour. A big thanks to the three Dave’s who kindly cooked us dinner, and provided some fun and entertainment throughout the evening.