Exploring Adelaide – Glenelg Pier

We flew across to Adelaide last October to capture Ngaire & Malcom’s wedding, and decided to take a few days holiday and explore the local sights. After arriving at lunchtime, we explored Rundle Mall, and found Blackeby’s Old Sweet Shop down one of the side streets. It was sugar heaven for us, and we walked out with close to a years’ supply of sweets – which conveniently disappeared within a couple of days…

Next on the agenda, was to catch the tram ride out to Glenelg. We had heard great things about this place. To be honest, we were quite disappointed with the amount of litter on the beach from the young folk who were mostly leaving as we arrived soon before sunset. We took a few photos, and also recorded several time-lapse sequences from the pier, and the sunset.

Auckland Airport in the early hours

Auckland Airport in the early hours

View from Glenelg PierPlane departing Adelaide airport tilt shift

A plane departing Adelaide airport

Kiss silhouette on Glenelg Pier


Katrina watching on


Sunset Glenelg Pier

Sunset Glenelg Pier

A still from time-lapse sequence

A still from time-lapse sequence

A still from time-lapse sequenceCrowds on Glenelg Pier

Crowds on Glenelg Pier

Rubbish on Glenelg Beach

Rubbish and seagulls at Glenelg Beach