Auckland to London with Emirates

Continuing with tradition, we flew with Emirates from New Zealand to UK, via Brisbane, Dubai and arriving into Gatwick. This was the beginning of our month long trip to UK and Australia. Almost a year had flown by since the last long haul trip – this was not going to be pleasant. We had approximately 40 hours door to door, and an almost 10  hour stay around the collosal Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport. We killed time by doing laps of the airport with the four-wheel-steered trolleys – and taking the odd photo.

Emirates over Auckland City
Departing Auckland, over Cornwallis and the Manukau Harbour
Bethells Beach Aerial
Brisbane bound over Bethells Beach

Beautiful skies Emirates A340-500
Beautiful skies from our Emirates A340-500
Warren's version of "Killing Time" in Dubai
"Are we there, yet?"
Kat writing her novel, whilst a cleaner randomly goes by
Departing for London - hooray, only another 7 hours!
Sand, sand and more sand