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Auckland Portrait Photos – Anthea & Benj
February 20, 2012
Meet our wonderful friends, Anthea and Benj. They are two extremely talented and wonderful people, and together, they make a gorgeous couple. They've been together for nearly two years now, having fir... VIEW POST
Auckland Studio Photographers – Bradley
February 19, 2012
There is nothing more satisfying as a photographer, to see a couple who you photographed on their wedding day, come into the studio with a shiny new addition to their family. Warren photographed this ... VIEW POST
Auckland Portrait Photos – Brooke
February 4, 2012
We had so much fun shooting the adorable Brooke at Michael Joseph Savage Memorial Park. She ran around exploring the gardens with Mum and Dad, while we worked to keep up with her! Such a cutey with a ... VIEW POST
Auckland Family Photos – Muspratt Family
January 12, 2012
Auckland Family Photos Meet the Muspratts, a wonderfully fun and gorgeous family. I had so much fun photographing these special individuals last week at Cranwell Park, Henderson. We rolled around in the grass, climbed trees... VIEW POST
Auckland Engagement Shoot – Cynthia & Jason
December 23, 2011
Auckland Engagement Shoot We are so excited about this adorable couple's engagement! I got to hang out with Cynthia and Jason under the gorgeous trees and around the gardens at Auckland Domain. They were so sweet and playful p... VIEW POST
Wild Portraits in Rarotonga
November 13, 2011
After the fun morning with Charlotte on the paddle boards, we relaxed a little, before going for a quick drive around the southern part of Rarotonga, and scouting some good spots for future trash the ... VIEW POST
Stand up Paddle Boarding in Rarotonga
November 13, 2011
Outside the Pacific Resort on Muri Beach most mornings, Charlotte Piho, offers stand up paddle boarding classes. Surprisingly, paddle boarding is one of the best full body workouts possible. Charlotte... VIEW POST
Tiare Spa at Pacific Resort Aitutaki
November 10, 2011
Katrina was privileged to experience the Tiare Spa massage at the Pacific Resort. We took some photos of the lovely Salome, before Katrina was given a foot massage, before a back and shoulders massage... VIEW POST
Coconut Husking at the Pacific Resort Aitutaki
November 9, 2011
Upon arriving at Aitutaki airport the previous morning, we were greeted by Nga, the most pleasant man you could imagine. He took care of our luggage, whilst we went off on the Vaka Day Cruise. It turn... VIEW POST
Farm Getaway
October 30, 2011
As busy as we are as photographers, we still love to hang out with our own families, and take lots of photos. Warren's mum was visiting from Melbourne, so we all head up to the farm near Bethells Beac... VIEW POST