Neist Point Lighthouse Sunset

Neist Point is located on the western most point of Isle of Ske – resulting in a great mission to get there from Elgol. What a perfect mid afternoon to spend the shortest day in UK with just 6 1/2 hours daylight! It took us almost two hours to get back to our accommodation afterwards – as much of the roads were narrow, winding and simply icy everywhere. The view however, and sunset made it worthwhile, despite a temperature of -15!  🙂

Sun rays at Neist Point

Just a reminder despite the remoteness, there is still life out there
Long Exposure Neist Point Lighthouse
Six minute exposure over Neist Point with a 1000x ND filter

Amazing Neist Point Lighthouse Sunset
Neist Point Lighthouse Sunset
Neist Point
Fun on the cliffs of Neist Point

Sun reflections on water

Full Moon Rise over Wind Farm
Full moon rising over wind farm
Full Moon