Winter Reflections

This morning, as I was looking at my To-Do list which seems to be getting longer as the week goes on, I stopped myself in my tracks to remember that “Oh hey!” we’re over half way through the year and about to face am enormously busy summer season.

I realised just how much of a shame it would be for me to have “survived” our busy year by living off my endless lists, instead of being thankful and just enjoying each day no matter how busy each day is.

Thankful for our loving, supportive friends and families.

Thankful for our Business and our opportunities.

Thankful for our gifts.

So I decided I would reflect.

Here I am, sitting in our cottage, on the farm, sipping tea and looking out the window to the sheep who are happily grazing.

This year has been an eventful one:

We started our new year with the completion of our studio cylorama. Warren’s dad spent countless weeks working on this mammoth project, it was so amazing to see it complete. Kinda makes you just wanna jump on in and dance.

Now we can extend our passion for photography to to the studio, opening up all kinds of opportunities for us.

In February we got married!

It was by far the best wedding I’ve been to  😉  We had a vintage DIY wedding up on my family farm, everyone pitched in, from the cake, to the music to the decorations. It could not have gone better.

Our amazing day was captured by the amazingly talented Lauren and Delwyn Project

We LOVE our photos xx

After the wedding we decided to escape for a few days up north to go camping.

We also had our Londoner friend, Neal with us, to show him the beautiful coastline of upper NZ.

As most kiwi holidays don’t always go to plan, the weather was not the kindest. More wind than I would have preferred (or the tent for that matter) But I reminded myself, that it was lovely weather for our wedding day. So I should stop being so ungrateful.

On the first night we realised we’d forgotten the extra bag of tent pegs (which we bought especially the day before the wedding). Thus encouraging some creative pegging.

And on the second night, one of the tents broke. Making us glad we had a car. Otherwise it would be three in a tent.

Now, for one’s honeymoon, that doesn’t sound like the perfect scenario.

But alas, as the gusto of the wind fizzled out and we enjoyed some calmer days where we went dolphin watching at Paihia.

Sadly, we were also very aware that Warren’s darling Grandma was in the Hospice fighting a tremendous battle with Cancer. Before our wedding, Warren went visit her in his wedding gear as she could not make it to the wedding itself. We got a phone call while we were away that she didn’t have much longer, and hastily made our way back to Auckland.

We were so very lucky to spend the next day or so with her, saying our goodbyes.

A beautiful snap of Grandma and Grandad – March 1955

This is a photo of Grandma looking at Warren’s sister’s wedding photos on Tv from August last year. I love the absolute look of joy and proud pleasure she has. A beautiful reminder of the importance of wedding photos . I know Warren’s biggest sadness is that she couldn’t get to see our wedding, or our photos..

But I like to imagine her in heaven looking at our photos just like this 🙂


We launched ourselves into March, which was to be our busiest month of weddings, straight after we got back we had 8 weddings and a funeral in 3 weeks.

And the months following were filled with more amazing weddings, and of course, lots of editing work.

But before we knew it, wedding season was over. And we were left with more time to focus on our studio and marketing.

Next season is now on our doorstep and we are busier than ever. It’s all very exciting to see that the amount of heart an soul that we have thrown into Williams Photography is paying off!

We are also now working at Auckland Zoo, as workshop photographers!

Such a fun and rewording role to have  🙂

So now, as I am reminded that I need to cook dinner, I thought I would leave you with a stunning photo of our wee slice of heaven

Much love,

Katrina Williams


p.s we’ll be catching up on lots of personal blog posts including honeymoon memories soon!