Beautiful Waitangi Sunset

After the fun day spent with family in Kaikohe, we ventured along to the wonderful Bay of Islands. Spending just a single night in Paihia. A small break in the wet weather came, out in the West towards Waitangi, so we made the short trip along the waterfront to Waitangi. Waitangi is best known for being the location where the Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840, giving British sovereignty over New Zealand.

Sun breaks through at Waitangi
Waitangi Girl
Beautiful warm evening light

Weathered railing

Sunset from the bridge to Waitangi
Kelly Tarlton's Shipwreck Museum - With the Waitangi Campground in background - Warren spent many summers on the estruary front camping in his earlier years
Waitangi Sunset New Zealand
Amazing Sunset across the Waitangi Estuary
Waitangi Bridge
The single lane Waitangi Bridge, against a stunning sunset

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