Huskies at Muriwai – Craft out West Winners

Melissa & Garth – our recent winners of the Craft out West show competition decided to use our services at the local airforce base and then off to Muriwai for sunset. They brought along their beautiful two huskies, with plenty of energy! Garth works in Squadron 40 at Whenuapai Air Base, so we were fortunate to be granted access to get inside the hangar and get onboard the aircraft.

Our great friend David Scott also came along, shooting in place for Katrina as she was a little off the weather. (Awesome help, thanks David!)

Click to play the full gallery, with a few favs below:

Cockpit of C130 Hercules

Whenuapai Air Base Dogs - Huskies
Standing in front of the RNZAF 757-200 used by John Key
A great capture by David Scott
Plenty of Energy
Another great shot by David as the rain came down