Auckland Wedding Photographers – Juanita & Kieran

On a gloriously crisp winters day, Juanita and Kieran were wed.
Wow, just wow, words I said a lot during their day. I am known for getting emotional at weddings, why not?
They’re romantic and beautiful and so emotionally charged.
But this wedding, this wedding was magical. Simply, magical and amazing. I’ve never felt so much love in one room. I’ve also never seen so many people with looks of utter adoration on their faces.
Their love of whimsical things; tea and art and books and letters, those letters, the ones that brought them together from across the seas.
It was an absolute honour to be in their presence and to be able to capture their special love, it was something we’ll never forget.

Juanita is someone who I always looked up to, big sister to my best friend Danielle, she has always been beautiful and poised and clever. She is an absolutely blessing to everyone in her life. But ah! For her to have found Kieran, this handsome, intelligent and hilariously witty guy…it’s the biggest happily ever after that there ever was.

Now, got a little carried away with this post, there are more than a few photos, because for you to be able to feel the true story of their day, their love and who they are, you more than just snippets of moments.

So please, get a lovely hot pot of tea, and enjoy xx

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