Rarotonga Wedding Photos – Magz & Alex

Magz & Alex chose the memorable date of 11/11/11 to wed in the beautiful Cook Islands. The gorgeous Pacific Resort on Muri Beach, Rarotonga was the venue for their wedding. The weather didn’t dampen the spirits of Magz & Alex – with the clouds clearing up later in the day, just before their ceremony. The ceremony was held under the safety of a nice marquee, rather than on Muri Beach – but the gardens and decorations still made a fantastic backdrop. The ceremony was beautiful, with tears flowing from the very start, and pure elation and love between Magz & Alex. With the weather clearing, we did the family shots on the beach, before whisking the bridal party away for their shoot further down the beach. Thank you Magz & Alex for flying us over to Rarotonga to capture you amazing day.

Beautiful Bridal Dress Astra Bridal
Beautiful dress from Astra Bridal

Rarotonga Wedding Photographer

Alex, applying his cufflinks

Bridal Dress fitting silhouette

Rarotonga Wedding Photographer

Rarotonga Wedding Photographer
Full of emotion
Pacific Resort Wedding Photos
Strolling Muri Beach, near the Pacific Resort

Bridal Party Muri Beach Rarotonga
Tender Look wedding

Rarotonga Wedding Photographer Muri beach
Under the palms on Muri Beach

Muri Beach Wedding Photos

Pacific Resort Wedding Photos
Touching words in the speeches