Ten Years as a Wedding Photographer

Ten years ago today, I photographed my first wedding!

Back when ICQ and Myspace were popular and Facebook was only just getting started in the States. The Nokia 3310 was still popular…

It was almost cool to offer selective colouring – ok, no no, it was never cool.

I couldn’t have done it without our incredible clients – many of which became our friends. Literally hundreds of awesome couples, many different backgrounds, religions, epic locations – it’s what makes every wedding so unique and special. I’ve travelled across Europe, Australia, the Pacific & every corner of New Zealand.

Thanks to Tim of Wild Photography in Wellington for giving that opportunity of being your second shooter ten years back.

The biggest thanks goes to my beautifully talented wife – Katrina. You’re always there to support and grow me. You allowed me to buy the underwater housing, time-lapse rig and many other ridiculous gadgets. Now we’ve got our own family – and you’re doing an amazing job with Jakob 🙂

Wedding photography to me means more than just awards. I haven’t entered anything in the past few months – with a greater emphasis on keeping it fun and real. I want to keep challenging myself and keep chasing the perfect light and next adventure.
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