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Fiji Underwater Wedding Photography | Kim + Jamie
October 16, 2014
Fiji Underwater Wedding Photos Following on from Kim and Jamie's epic Fiji wedding,we joined them for an early morning swim in the pristine waters of North Beach at Mana Island Resort & Spa. These two are always up for an adve... VIEW POST
Fiji Wedding Photography | Kim + Jamie
October 15, 2014
This winter, we were given the greatest gift as wedding photographers - the opportunity to travel, holiday, laugh, eat, drink, and capture the love that was Kim and Jamie's Fiji wedding! Over the cou... VIEW POST
Mana Island Resort & Spa Chill Out
November 1, 2013
Bula! We spent four days at the fun Mana Island Resort & Spa, for Tarryn & Ryan's Fiji wedding. During our down time, we did plenty of snorkelling around the incredible clear waters and witnes... VIEW POST
Stunning pools of Tokoriki
October 31, 2013
Leaf Underwater photography Fiji When we weren't snorkelling around Tokoriki Island - we spent much of our days lounging around the two swimming pools. The main pool was perfectly positioned, catching stunning sunsets, whilst sitting... VIEW POST
Tokoriki Island – Fiji Underwater Photography
October 28, 2013
Diving Tokoriki Island The snorkelling around Tokoriki island is simply divine. Rich blue seas, with plenty of sea life - we saw many fish, a few reef sharks (and something a bit bigger...) and someone also saw a turtle. Th... VIEW POST
Monuriki Island – A little gem from the Castaway movie
October 28, 2013
Monuriki Underwater Photography Monuriki Island is a very small island, in the Mamanuca Islands group. It was made famous in 2000, in the movie Castaway, starring Tom Hanks & Wilson. It's a perfect spot for an afternoon of snork... VIEW POST
Yanuya Village – Fiji
October 27, 2013
During our honeymoon at the beautiful Tokoriki Island resort, we had a few days to explore the local area. Once a week, you can take a boat trip to the closest island - Yanuya, and visit the local vil... VIEW POST
Honeymoon in Tokoriki!
August 18, 2013
Tokoriki Island Resort Pool Sunset After leaving Denarau, we arrived at the idyllic Tokoriki Island Resort to enjoy a 4 night stay for our delayed honeymoon. (Yes! We got married Leap Day 2012, but us photographers love keeping very bu... VIEW POST
Bula – Fiji Beach Resort & Spa managed by Hilton
August 18, 2013
Beach Sunrise - Fiji Beach Resort & Spa managed by Hilton During May, we travelled to Fiji for ten days to capture Tarryn & Ryan's wedding and epic underwater drown the gown session. We spent our first night in Denarau - staying at the Fiji Beach Resort ... VIEW POST