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Seep by Juanita
August 18, 2010
Dance Photography Auckland Katrina took these photos in the studio of the talented Juanita, practicing for her upcoming Seep performance. VIEW POST
Raging Haruru Falls, Northland
August 15, 2010
After spending a night in Paihia, we made the trip north towards Kerikeri to witness the Rainbow Falls. Just a few kilometres out of Paihia and Waitangi is the Haruru Falls. Usually rather docile, tod... VIEW POST
Kayleigh’s First Birthday
August 14, 2010
We made the trip up to Kaikohe to enjoy Kayleigh's first birthday. She's grown incredibly large compared to when we last saw her in March - VIEW POST
Nika in the Studio
August 1, 2010
Nika came to visit, whilst Katrina had free reign on the makeup and funky lighting to give these awesome effects... VIEW POST
Auckland Botanical Gardens Portrait Shoot
May 16, 2010
Auckland Portrait Photographer We were asked along by our makeup artist friend, Sam Steel, to shoot some portfolio work for Azhar. It was the first time we had ventured into the Botanical Gardens of Auckland. They're actually rathe... VIEW POST
Muriwai Beach Portraits
May 16, 2010
Muriwai Our good friends Aimee and Richard were visiting New Zealand for the first time in several years. We regularly hung out in the Walkabout pubs in London, watching the All Blacks matches of 2009, and do... VIEW POST
Karekare Beach Fire Breathing
April 25, 2010
Lest We Forget. In fitting rememberance of our fallen heroes, the evening sky illuminated very brightly red. Quite possibly the most vibrant sunset we've ever witnessed. Whilst at Karekare, we also sa... VIEW POST
Surfing Piha
April 10, 2010
After the great lunch and afternoon spent at Ascension Wines, Matakana, Warren, Katrina and Candace drove to Piha to unwind from the long day. We shot a few fun portraits in the long sand dune grass, ... VIEW POST
Kaikohe Photographer
March 16, 2010
Returning from our Far North camping trip, we dropped in to see our cousins, Kelly & Nicole, along with their gorgeous little girls - Summer and Kayleigh. VIEW POST
Snorkelling at tropical Matai Bay
March 15, 2010
Warren decided to get up again at the crack of dawn to witness a beautiful sunrise from the secret spot of Matai Bay. Not without an unexpected dip in the morning at 6am! Whilst shooting the dramatic ... VIEW POST