Macro World of Australia

Our first few days in Melbourne involved New Years Eve, and spending several days lounging around the pool at Warren’s mums house in Montmorency – north Melbourne. It became quite apparent, there were many “bugs” in the garden, so we decided to take a few shots over the New Year period with our special Canon MP-E 65 macro lens.

First of all, it was an opportunity to take some photos of engagement rings with the super macro lens. The oldest of Warren’s sisters became engaged to her long term boyfriend, Ritz. They’ve set a date in August 2011, and we can’t wait to travel back to shoot their wedding.

Tara's engagement ring
Stunning engagement ring photography
Katrina's engagement band (two-piece set)
Garden Snail

[ Warning ] – Click  “view full post” to unveil further bugs from Australia…

Praying Mantis
Praying Mantis
Praying Mantis cleaning spider web macro MP-E 65
Praying Mantis cleaning itself from a spider web

Jumpy Spider
MP-E 65 Bee
Fly with MP-E 65
House Fly

Moth head shot
Moth head shot

Spider extreme close up

Spider with babies
Look closely... spiders around 1mm in size

Tent-web spider red/white stripe with devil horns
Beautiful tent-web spider with horns on it's thorax

Cyrtophora mollucensis - Tent-Web Spider
Extreme close up spider
Tent-Web spider
Tent-Web Spider - Red and White stripe with horn on abdomen
Beautiful tent-web spider with horns on abdomen