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Nature & Wildlife of Pacific Resort
November 9, 2011
During our short stay at the Pacific Resort, it was apparent there was an amazing diverse range of plant species, and many sea birds. The garden walkways also had some adorable little skinks sunbathin... VIEW POST
Butterfly Creek
June 28, 2011
Butterfly Creek near Auckland's Airport is a fun, tranquil place to enjoy with your whole family. We spent around an hour in the humid glasshouse - though the first ten minutes we spent defogging our ... VIEW POST
Final days in Melbourne
January 8, 2011
After returning back to Melbourne, we had a couple of days to explore. We drove up to the Dandenong Ranges, looking at a wedding venue for our sister, Tara. We had the macro lens in tow, shooting anyt... VIEW POST
Macro World of Australia
January 1, 2011
Our first few days in Melbourne involved New Years Eve, and spending several days lounging around the pool at Warren's mums house in Montmorency - north Melbourne. It became quite apparent, there were... VIEW POST
Way Back Home
December 23, 2010
Shortly before travelling overseas to Scotland and Skye, we saw the incredible "Way Back Home" short video featuring Danny MacAskill - one of the worlds best trail bike riders... It was amazing to see... VIEW POST
Rainbow Falls, Kerikeri
August 15, 2010
We made the trip up to Kerikeri, explicitly to get some funky photos behind the waterfall in the cave... Little did we know, it's not exactly suitable when there's a high flow of water, and mid winter... VIEW POST
Monarch Metamorphosis
June 4, 2010
Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis Katrina took these simply breathtaking photos of a monarch butterfly erupting beautifully from its chrysalis. VIEW POST
Discovering the Cascades – Waitakere Ranges
May 2, 2010
The Cascades trail off Waitakere Road is one of our favourite short walks in the Waitakere Ranges. We often take the longer 8km walk linking to the Heritage Montana Trail - but not exactly ideal with ... VIEW POST
Hunua Falls, Auckland
April 25, 2010
After dropping Daniel off at Ardmore, we decided to drive along to the Hunua Falls, only 15minutes away. VIEW POST
Piha Adventures
March 7, 2010
Following the makeup session in the morning, we picked up Warren's friends who were also visiting from London - twins, Greg and Mark, and their friend Paul. We had a refreshing swim at Kitekite falls,... VIEW POST