Milford Sound – Overnight Cruise

I took Beth from USA out to Milford Sound for a one on one photography tour, showcasing the brilliant scenery, and amazing drive (one of the greatest drives in the world!). I decided to setup a timelapse from the car, capturing the drive from Te Anau to Milford Sound – which takes around two hours: (Click HD)

Te Anau to Milford Sound (SH94) – Timelapse from Williams Photography on Vimeo.

Once we arrived in Milford Sound, we boarded the Milford Mariner – for a memorable overnight cruise. It was one of the last sailings of the season, during mid May. We encountered plenty of wildlife, including some amazing Bottlenose Dolphins at the bow of the boat. At sunrise in the morning, we went out for a kayak into a sheltered bay, and then into the wider parts of the Fiord. It was here I somehow managed to capsize the kayak, and end up in the freezing water! Fortunately I was able to grab the Go Pro 3 just after it slipped off the kayak under water.

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Milford Sound – is surprisingly blue underwater 😉
(It’s only 280 metres deep here…)Go Pro Kayak Milford SoundMilford Sound

Here’s a little clip of Bottlenose Dolphins off the bow of the Milford Mariner. So beautiful to watch. (Again, watch in HD)

Bottlenose Dolphins Slow Motion – Milford Sound from Williams Photography on Vimeo.


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