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Milford Sound – Overnight Cruise
August 17, 2013
Milford Sound I took Beth from USA out to Milford Sound for a one on one photography tour, showcasing the brilliant scenery, and amazing drive (one of the greatest drives in the world!). I decided to setup a timela... VIEW POST
Behind the Scenes – This is Us
February 18, 2013
BOOM! We have a video! We figured people would like to "meet us" before they meet us, and what better way to show a little bit about how we work than in moving pictures. Our super talented v... VIEW POST
Flight into Snowy Auckland
August 15, 2011
We left Melbourne early in the morning for Auckland.We used our excess Skywards miles from Emirates to upgrade to business class, from our return trip to UK last Christmas. Another worthwhile upgrade ... VIEW POST
Twelve Apostles Sunrise/Sunset
January 5, 2011
Our first sunset, we chose to spend at one of the viewing platforms across the mighty Twelve Apostles. Be sure to check the time lapse photography at the end of this post. Just like two years ago, aft... VIEW POST
Way Back Home
December 23, 2010
Shortly before travelling overseas to Scotland and Skye, we saw the incredible "Way Back Home" short video featuring Danny MacAskill - one of the worlds best trail bike riders... It was amazing to see... VIEW POST
Kereru – New Zealand Pigeon
August 15, 2010
Whilst walking back to the carpark at the Rainbow Falls, Kerikeri, we could hear the beautiful songs of the Tui. After setting up the long lens, the Tui had disappeared, but in it's place, the mighty ... VIEW POST
Labradoodle Pups, 5DII & Family
August 9, 2010
Cute Labradoodle Puppy Couldn't have asked for a more perfect weekend.. A couple of prospective clients, a new camera, an unexpected catch up with family, and the most adorable Labradoodle puppies! We decided to buy a new ... VIEW POST
Karekare Beach – Startrails
July 26, 2010
Our good friend David Scott came for a visit with his new wireless flash triggers. Knowing it was low tide this evening, we took a walk along to the rocky outcrop at the northern end of Karekare beach... VIEW POST