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Lake Hawea & Wanaka
March 27, 2013
Calm Lake Wanaka With a morning to kill before our afternoon flight back to Auckland, we took a drive out to Wanaka and Lake Hawea to look at some properties. If you love our work, keep updated with our latest ... VIEW POST
Auckland Trash the Dress Shoot – Jen and Owen
May 21, 2012
Auckland Trash the Dress Photos Jen has to win an award for her stellar bravery, I've never seen anyone so keen to get into freezing water and still look so natural. We has so much fun with these two at their wedding in March, we kn... VIEW POST
Anawhata Beach Sunset
January 18, 2012
We trekked down to Anawhata Beach to capture a beautiful evening sunset... View across Piha VIEW POST
Blossoming Pohutukaka over Piha
January 5, 2012
We have made several trips to Piha over January for evening runs along the beach, but usually without the camera gear. This time we decided to take a walk along the Tasman Lookout Track and watch "The... VIEW POST
Aitutaki Fun
November 10, 2011
Here's a few more photos from our two days spent around the Pacific Resort, and our departure back to Rarotonga on the eve of Magz & Alex's wedding on 11/11/11. &nbs... VIEW POST
Nature & Wildlife of Pacific Resort
November 9, 2011
During our short stay at the Pacific Resort, it was apparent there was an amazing diverse range of plant species, and many sea birds. The garden walkways also had some adorable little skinks sunbathin... VIEW POST
Coconut Husking at the Pacific Resort Aitutaki
November 9, 2011
Upon arriving at Aitutaki airport the previous morning, we were greeted by Nga, the most pleasant man you could imagine. He took care of our luggage, whilst we went off on the Vaka Day Cruise. It turn... VIEW POST
Pacific Resort Aitutaki – Eco Trail
November 9, 2011
With our full day at the Pacific Resort, we decided to explore the coral reef just beyond our beach front bungalow, and outwards to the deep blue Pacific Ocean. Pacific Resort have set out a self guid... VIEW POST
Pacific Resort Aitutaki Sunset
November 7, 2011
Waxing Moon rise over pool Following our Aitutaki Day Tour, we arranged to stay for two nights at the multi award winning Pacific Resort Aitutaki. We grabbed a few quick photos of their pool area, before witnessing a glowing pi... VIEW POST
Snorkelling in the clear waters of Rarotonga
November 7, 2011
Our second day in Rarotonga, we were able to fully utilise our new underwater camera setup. Shortly before our trip, we had bought an Ikelite underwater housing including the 8" dome port setup for be... VIEW POST