Snorkelling in the clear waters of Rarotonga

Our second day in Rarotonga, we were able to fully utilise our new underwater camera setup. Shortly before our trip, we had bought an Ikelite underwater housing including the 8″ dome port setup for better image quality. Dave from Dive New Zealand had been very helpful with organising all the correct ports and dome assembly for our 17-40L lens.

We found a good snorkelling spot outside the Rarotongan Beach Resort & Spa, on the southern coast. The water was pristine! Never have we seen such clear waters, and filled with so many fish!

Beauty Snorkelling in Cook Islands

Threadfin butterflyfish
Threadfin butterflyfish
Fresh Sashimi
Katrina in Rarotonga
Split shot with Katrina in the beautiful lagoon
Split photo Rarotonga
The Rarotongan Beach Resort & Spa - Split Photo

Beautiful underwater photo Rarotonga

Coconut in water split photo undewater
Coconut goes floating by