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Fiji Underwater Wedding Photography | Kim + Jamie
October 16, 2014
Fiji Underwater Wedding Photos Following on from Kim and Jamie's epic Fiji wedding,we joined them for an early morning swim in the pristine waters of North Beach at Mana Island Resort & Spa. These two are always up for an adve... VIEW POST
Fiji Wedding Photography | Kim + Jamie
October 15, 2014
This winter, we were given the greatest gift as wedding photographers - the opportunity to travel, holiday, laugh, eat, drink, and capture the love that was Kim and Jamie's Fiji wedding! Over the cou... VIEW POST
Tokoriki Island – Fiji Underwater Photography
October 28, 2013
Diving Tokoriki Island The snorkelling around Tokoriki island is simply divine. Rich blue seas, with plenty of sea life - we saw many fish, a few reef sharks (and something a bit bigger...) and someone also saw a turtle. Th... VIEW POST
Fiji Underwater Drown the Gown Photos – Tarryn & Ryan
June 18, 2013
Following Tarryn & Ryan's wedding at Mana Island Resort & Spa, we booked in a boat to take us to the idyllic sand bar the following morning. We awoke to some torrential rain and cracks of thun... VIEW POST
Stand up Paddle Boarding in Rarotonga
November 13, 2011
Outside the Pacific Resort on Muri Beach most mornings, Charlotte Piho, offers stand up paddle boarding classes. Surprisingly, paddle boarding is one of the best full body workouts possible. Charlotte... VIEW POST
Moana Roa Lagoon Cruise – Pacific Resort
November 12, 2011
The morning after the wedding, we had organised a trip aboard the Moana Roa - Pacific Resort's own glass bottomed boat for tours around Muri Beach and the lagoon. We had the boat to ourselves, and for... VIEW POST
Pacific Resort Aitutaki – Eco Trail
November 9, 2011
With our full day at the Pacific Resort, we decided to explore the coral reef just beyond our beach front bungalow, and outwards to the deep blue Pacific Ocean. Pacific Resort have set out a self guid... VIEW POST
Snorkelling in the clear waters of Rarotonga
November 7, 2011
Our second day in Rarotonga, we were able to fully utilise our new underwater camera setup. Shortly before our trip, we had bought an Ikelite underwater housing including the 8" dome port setup for be... VIEW POST
Aitutaki Day Tour – Underwater Photos
November 7, 2011
After spending a couple of days on Rarotonga, we caught an early flight to Aitutaki to experience and photograph the Aitutaki Day Tour run by Air Rarotonga. Air Raro organised to bring along a lovely ... VIEW POST
Welcome to Rarotonga!
November 5, 2011
We made our way to the beautiful Cook Islands for a wedding on 11/11/11 at the Pacific Resort. We decided to extend our stay to ten days, and make a little photo holiday out of it. We had approached t... VIEW POST