Moana Roa Lagoon Cruise – Pacific Resort

The morning after the wedding, we had organised a trip aboard the Moana Roa – Pacific Resort’s own glass bottomed boat for tours around Muri Beach and the lagoon. We had the boat to ourselves, and for as long as needed. The weather wasn’t perfect again, but it didn’t matter for the snorkelling. We visited two snorkelling spots, including near the Fruits of Rarotonga (where we went on our very first day), before finally snorkelling just behind Taakoka mutu. It was just behind Taakoka, that we came across the world’s most venomous fish – the Stonefish. It looked just like an encrusted rock on the seabed. The Stonefish features needle like dorsal fins, that spike upwards if disturbed or stood on. Fortunately we didn’t get close enough for this 😉

Stonefish - World's deadliest fish
Stonefish on sea floor
Split underwater photo
Split underwater photo with Moana Roa

Snorkelling strong legs