Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Katrina and Warren along with a couple of their best friends made a road trip to the Tongariro National Park for a two night stay at National Park. The weather was perfect for the 19.4km mountain crossing, as we set off around 7am for the full day tramp across the mountains of Tongariro and Ngauruhoe. Here’s just a handful of our photos from the awesome weekend, but make sure you check out the full gallery from our amazing adventure:

Mt Doom Sunrise
Sunrise over Tongariro, Mt Doom (Ngauruhoe) & Ruapehu
Mark, Warren, Katrina & Peter half way up Mt Ruapehu on our first evening

Tongariro Alpine Crossing Amazing
Starting our Tongariro Crossing adventure - Mark & Katrina
Tongariro Alpine Crossing
360 Degree Panoramic View from near summit of Mt Tongariro (additional 3km track)
Katrina & Warren at summit of Mt Tongariro, peering back into South Crater
Tongariro Alpine Crossing Walkway
Scree slope heading down to the Emerald and Blue Lakes

Emerald Lake, Mt Tongariro
Emerald Lake, Mt Tongariro

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