Aitutaki Day Tour – Underwater Photos

After spending a couple of days on Rarotonga, we caught an early flight to Aitutaki to experience and photograph the Aitutaki Day Tour run by Air Rarotonga. Air Raro organised to bring along a lovely local couple for us to shoot some underwater footage in the pristine waters. The weather wasn’t quite idyllic for above land, however underwater it made little difference – with plenty of fish, and some incredible giant clams on view! The tour starts with a quick 4×4 tour of Aitutaki, before boarding the double hull vaka (Titi ai Tonga) for a couple of snorkelling spots featuring a plethora of fish. Followed by a freshly caught BBQ lunch on board the Vaka before heading to the infamous One Foot Island for an afternoon of relaxation. We highly recommend the Aitutaki Day Tour to anyone has a spare day during their stay in the Cook Islands.

After arriving to Aitutaki, you're whisked off for a 30min 4x4 tour of the island by some lovely locals

Our two awesome models for the day

Vaka Cruise

Bow of the Vaka

Giant Clam underwater photo Aitutaki

Giant Clams!


split photo Aitutaki

Split photo in Aitutaki with the Vaka Cruise

Approaching One Foot Island

Approaching One Foot Island

Trish Edwards - Hey There!
Your underwater photography is amazing! I am starting to get myself in to diving. I would love to know what camera and housing you have used in your November 2011 Pacific island photo’s.
And any other advice you are willing to give!

Kind regards,

Warren Williams - Hey Trish,
Thanks for your message!
That’s great to hear you’re looking at getting into underwater photography. We have an Ikelite Housing with 8″ Dome Port for better optics. Inside, fits the Canon 5D II + 17-40 lens.
They take some time setting up, and it’s pretty scary putting the camera in for the first time.

If you’re looking at doing split shots, you’ll need a smaller depth of field. As due to refraction, the lens actually focuses a lot closer than usual underwater. So what might be in focus a few metres away underwater, on the surface (or even on the focus indicator on lens), will be much less distance. So in order to have everything in focus, or as close as possible, you’ll need a high f-stop number.

Good luck!

Wendy Cain - Stunning photos Warren and Kat 🙂

Williams Photography & Makeup - Thanks Wendy!
Enjoy your trip in January! We would love to head back in 2013.

Wendy Cain - Thanks Warren, I cannot wait, counting the days! Hey, just seeing your reply to Jenny here, I have the 5DmkIII now, and still have the II in fine working order. The Ikelite housing you used, where would I look for such a thing, your optics are way better then the small Panasonic Lumix I have. and

Williams Photography & Makeup - Hey, no problem. Lovely pics of Vanuatu!
The housing we ordered through (Dave Moran… quite famous).
The only problem with housings, they are big, hard to travel with, but make fascninating images. Our setup cost about $3,100.
Topic rentals hire gear also. But for a week long trip, it would be about half the cost of buying.
We’re going to make great use of our kit this summer, with trips around our clear waters, and then finishing in Fiji during May for a wedding.
Unfortunately we can’t rent ours out – it’s not insured – underwater photography excluded off our policy.

Wendy Cain - I just found Dave at Seatech and yup, they do look pricy and quite bulky. Thanks for the info though, appreciate it. Have a fantastic summer and best wishes to you both, very cool to catch up 🙂 Have looked at all your Raro images, and Warren, I just want to say this, you know us photographers, we look around at millions of photos, Nat Geo etc, and I’m not bullshitting, you are one amazing photog. I have so much respect for your work, its truly stunning, your style, its very impressive and I always, every time, think WOW when I see any of your work.

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