Category: Makeup

Auckland Botanical Gardens Portrait Shoot
May 16, 2010
Auckland Portrait Photographer We were asked along by our makeup artist friend, Sam Steel, to shoot some portfolio work for Azhar. It was the first time we had ventured into the Botanical Gardens of Auckland. They're actually rathe... VIEW POST
Wild West Whatipu & Bethells Beach
February 4, 2010
We ventured along to the remote beach of Whatipu, guiding an English friend Shirley around the best kept secrets of Auckland. Onwards from Whatipu through Titirangi Village, we showed some Waitakere h... VIEW POST
Shaila & Rajiv’s Post Wedding Fun
January 27, 2010
After being unable to shoot Shaila & Rajiv’s recent wedding, due to being in London for much of the past year, we were privileged enough to shoot some portraits of their families. The location w... VIEW POST
Sam Steel – Makeup Portfolio Shoot
January 25, 2010
We were chosen by one of Katrina's fellow makeup artists, Sam Steel, to shoot his portfolio for his website. We chose shooting locations around Fort Street, the busy intersection of Queen Street and C... VIEW POST