Category: New Zealand

Hunua Falls, Auckland
April 25, 2010
After dropping Daniel off at Ardmore, we decided to drive along to the Hunua Falls, only 15minutes away. VIEW POST
The Gap – Piha
April 24, 2010
With one of our best friends, Daniel Talbot - pilot and photographer, visiting from Palmerston North for the weekend, we ventured out to.. Piha yet again. On show was the finals to another surf compet... VIEW POST
March 21, 2010
After spending many days down during summer at Piha for various walks, sporting games and swims, we decided it was time to venture further along the coast to Anawhata. The long winding gravel road, le... VIEW POST
Snorkelling at tropical Matai Bay
March 15, 2010
Warren decided to get up again at the crack of dawn to witness a beautiful sunrise from the secret spot of Matai Bay. Not without an unexpected dip in the morning at 6am! Whilst shooting the dramatic ... VIEW POST
Clear Water of Matai Bay and Karikari
March 13, 2010
The twin bays of Matai Bay, and the neighbouring Karikari beach is our favourite spot in Northland. Completely amazing, with warm clear waters, and soft sensual sand on Karikari. Out of this world. ... VIEW POST
Tapotupotu Bay
March 13, 2010
Just a single photo from Tapotupotu Bay at dawn. Love. Aotearoa. VIEW POST
Cape Reinga Sunset.. and stingray encounter
March 12, 2010
We arrived at Tapotupotu Bay in the mid afternoon, erected our tent against the beach front again, and took a quick swim to freshen up. I had one of our cameras with us, to capture the amazing water, ... VIEW POST
Spirits Bay
March 12, 2010
Located at the very northern tip of New Zealand, Spirits Bay stretches for 12 km along to Cape Reinga and Tapotupotu Bay. According to Maori legend, the spirits of the dead leave for their journey to ... VIEW POST
Matauri Bay – Rainbow Warrior Diving
March 12, 2010
Following our beautiful evening sunset the previous night at Tauranga Bay, we awoke from our tent perched against the edge of the beach. The sky was illuminated with a brilliant purple/blue gradient, ... VIEW POST
Piha Adventures
March 7, 2010
Following the makeup session in the morning, we picked up Warren's friends who were also visiting from London - twins, Greg and Mark, and their friend Paul. We had a refreshing swim at Kitekite falls,... VIEW POST